Next Regular Board Meetings

Usually held on the 4th Thursday of every other month although subject to change. Next meeting to be held:

  • Tues Oct 23, 2018, 3:30 p.m. MDT
  • December 2018 meeting to be held prior to Annual Holiday Party - Thurs 12/13/18

To be held at:

San Miguel County Meeting Room 2nd Fl.

Miramonte Bldg. 333 W. Colorado Ave., Telluride, CO 81435

If you have any questions about an upcoming meeting please contact Administrative Assistant Lynette Foley at

Next Design Review Committee Meeting

Usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month although subject to change. Next meeting to be held:

  • Wed Oct 17 at 5 p.m. MDT - to be confirmed

To be held at:

TREC Mountain Village Meeting Room

567 Mountain Village Boulevard, Suite 106 A, Mountain Village

Office located ground level at the Franz Klammer ‘breezeway’

If you have any questions about the next meeting or regarding submitting an application please contact DRC Coordinator Kurt Shugars for more information at 970-708-5212.

Next Annual Owners Meeting

Summer 2019 - usually held on 4th of July weekend


Fox Farm One Lane starting Friday Oct 5th

Last winter Spruce Lane residents lost power to their home.  San Miguel Power Authority set up a temporary line then and is now prepared to start a new line across Fox Farm Road to the Thatcher home.

 The new line installation will start this Friday, Oct. 5th and go into the next week (no completion date has been determined at this time).  One lane of Fox Farm will remain open, so there may be delays, but not closure of the road.

Wildfire Preparedness

Ensure that your family & pets are ready to go in case of a fire evacuation

Download "Ready, Set, Go" brochure here

Wildfire Risk Assessments have arrived

Enter the code from the letter from the West Region Wildfire Council at for the risk assessment for your Ski Ranches property.

Mandatory Fire Restrictions

Unincorporated San Miguel County lifted all fire restrictions 9/5/18.

Mandatory Water Restrictions Continue

  • All exterior water features must be turned off during this conservation effort.
  • Due to potential water contamination “cross-connection” occurrences, NO trucked in water will be allowed to be hooked up to existing irrigation systems.

New Landscaping:

  • Effective May 1, 2018, because of the need for new landscaping to receive additional watering to become established, landscaping installed before spring of 2017 and future landscaping projects may apply for additional irrigation permissions by permit. All permit applications which include landscaping additions or changes shall be reviewed on a case by case basis by contacting Mountain Village Senior Planner Dave Bangert by email or (970) 369-8203.
  • Please be aware that if the San Miguel River goes under administration (on call), further water restrictions may be necessary as the Town of Mountain Village follows its augmentation requirements. If the weather conditions do not cooperate, this could result in a ban on all outside watering from the Town’s water system. On the other hand, if the region does see a significant increase in moisture the Town may retract its water conservation efforts.
  • For questions regarding the Conservation Program, please contact Mountain Village Public Works Director, Finn Kjome at  (970) 369-8206.

Yellow Brick Road (YBR) Trail Update as of 3/10/18

YBR Operations Manager, Bill White met John Knowles, TSRA Facilities Manager, onsite to review current details affecting the  Waterline Trail.  At the location where the Trail passes under the YBR driveway, a serious ice problem has been growing.  Within the next 2 weeks they plan to mitigate the ice under the bridge where the Trail crosses.  The project will take less than a week, once initiated.  There could be minimal delays, but the Trail will not be closed during this process, as  ‘spotters’ will be placed to insure safety for all.   FYI, there has been regular use of this trail by the public with no problems.

 When asked about Final ‘turning over’ of the Trail to the Ski Ranches, unknowns still loom… timing of putting the rock facing on the downhill driveway wall, landscaping/contouring/reinforcement of the banks and removal of chips on the walking path to be replaced with a new trail type gravel surface.  The Final ‘turning over’ process would trigger setting up the permanent signage at 3 specific locations.  Until then, they may move back and forth between Old & New Waterline Trail routes.

2018 Operating Budget & Road Reserve Fund Update

Unfortunately a quorum was not achieved in the recent election held in November so the 2016 amounts, as the last approved vote that fulfilled quorum requirement, will continue to prevail. Dues will approximately the same and only be adjusted according to updated property values from San Miguel County Assessors office.

See Budget page - link on upper left - for more info.

Fire Pit Recommendations - adopted 12/14/17

  • NO burning permitted during Red Flag Warnings or San Miguel County fire bans.
  • Call 970-728-1911 to notify Sheriff’s department of intent to burn.
  • If possible notify neighbors of intent to burn.


  • Fire pit to be located at least 20’ from house, structures, tree canopy and property line and to have a working hose accessible.
  • Fire pit to be placed on non-combustible materials: rocks, stone, brick, gravel, bare mineral soil, NOT grass.


  • Burn wood only.
  • Utilized wire mesh cover or similar spark arresting system.
  • Have hose within reach or 5 gallon buckets of water nearby.
  • Maintain a flame height less than 2 feet.
  • Utilize proper ask disposal system: Saturate ashes with water and contain them in a metal bucket.


  • Homeowners and long term tenants willing to assume liability; Short-term renters shall NOT be permitted to burn.
  • Adult supervision required at all times.

Liability Coverage

  • Homeowners’ insurance policies to identify fire pit feature on property.
  • Policy to contain adequate protection; personal property and structure liability limits.

Click here to download Fire Pit Recommendations 2017


Community Map

Click here to download map of Telluride Ski Ranches

Noxious Weeds Guide

Click here to download TSRA CSU EXT Noxious Weed Management Guide 2017.pdf


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Survey Results

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