​​​Telluride Ski Ranches Internet Updates:

  • Contract is Signed: Highspeed Internet Contract has been signed with Forethought (internet service provider headquartered in Denver)
  • Low Special Assessment: In March 2019 the HOA approved a budget of up to $800,000.  The Board was able to reduce the cost by 80 to 90% based on its excellent negotiation skills and obtaining a $512,801 grant from the state of Colorado.
  • No Home Connection Cost:  Based on its excellent negotiating skills, the Board was able to eliminate the $550 cost (or more) of hooking up your home as long as you sign up during the initial sign-up period (details to come soon).​
  • Service this Year (Covid dependent):  Construction will commence as early as mid-August and is planned to be completed before the snow sticks around.
  • Cost same as CenturyLink but 100 times Faster: $70 per month for 1 Gigabyte of speed; $50 per month for 100 Megabits of speed.  CenturyLink charges $70 per month for around 10 Megabits of speed.
  • ​​No Rate Increases for 5 years and Rate Cap Thereafter:  No internet rate increases for the first 5 years and a rate cap of no more than a 10% increase over every three year period thereafter (if an increase is proven necessary and competitive with other companies)
  • Safeguards against a CenturyLink (bad service) Situation:

    ​- Service Level Agreements:  If the provider fails to meet (state of the art service levels, which triggers the default provision)  various service levels, customers can request bill credits or Ski Ranches can active a second conduit system that it will own (and create competition using other service providers)
    - Dedicated Fiber Strands from Society Turn to Ski Ranches and a Second Conduit System within Ski Ranches and Owned by Ski Ranches:  Ski Ranches can active this system (with another provider) after 15 years or if the provider fails to provide (state of the art service) proper service within the first 15 years.  This back-up system is costing the HOA less than $20,000 and would cost (over $350,000) hundreds of thousands if installed later. I like showing actual numbers so folks really understand how much was at stake if we didn’t get the conduit  installed now, and basically at no cost
  • - Construction Performance Bond of $1 million:  If Forethought fails to install our infrastructure because of (default or negligence), Ski Ranches will have $1 million to get it installed by another provider.(to complete the project with a provider of our choice).

Next Board Meetings

Usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of every other month although subject to change. Next meetings to be held:​​

  • Thursday, September 3rd at 4 pm - via Zoom 


Next Design Review Committee Meeting

Usually held on the 4th Wednesday of each month although subject to change. Next meetings scheduled - to be confirmed based on applications received:

To be held at:

TREC Mountain Village Meeting Room

567 Mountain Village Boulevard, Suite 106 A, Mountain Village

Office located ground level at the Franz Klammer ‘breezeway’

If you have any questions about the next meeting or regarding submitting an application please contact DRC Coordinator Scott Benge for more information at 970-728-3469.


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